Real-life true ghost stories: 17 terrifying hauntings, exorcisms and unexplained murders

#1 Unexplained ghost stories: The Facebook ghost

Reddit users were left unnerved when, last year, a young man named Nathan revealed that he was receiving Facebook messages from his girlfriend, Emily.
So why was he so terrified?

Because Emily had died in a car crash two years earlier.

She began by recycling and resending old messages, which Nathan dismissed as a bug – but then she began tagging herself in his photos.

And then, all of a sudden, Emily used her first original word.

Just a few weeks later, Nathan – in an act of drunken despair – reached out to what he believed was his girlfriend’s ghost.

And he received the following message:

Nathan revealed that the ‘just let me walk’ line left him chilled for more reasons than one, saying: “In the collision, the dashboard had crushed her. She was severed in a diagonal line from her right hip to midway down her left thigh.

“One of her legs was found tucked under the backseat.”

You can read the full story, and see all of Emily’s messages and photos, here.

2. The exorcism of Anneliese Michel

Did you know that the hit horror movie, The Exorcism Of Emily Rose, was based on a true story?

While there was never an Emily Rose, there was an Anneliese Michel.

According to numerous reports, the young girl was afflicted by intense shaking and loss of control over her body.

Confused by her symptoms, doctors diagnosed her with grand mal seizures… but her behaviour grew worse.

She began attacking family members and drinking her own urine.

Most tellingly of all, she seemed very afraid of religious objects.

Her concerned family eventually convinced priests, and they went on to perform multiple exorcisms.

Anneliese died in 1976 of pneumonia, before the last exorcism (there’d been 40 by that time) could be performed.

3. Unexplained ghost stories: the death of Elisa Lam

This unnerving elevator surveillance tape, that records a young woman’s strange behaviour in an elevator, has been claimed by many to show proof of ghosts.

Why? Because it features the last few moments of Elisa Lam’s life.

In the footage, Elisa’s repeated attempts at pressing the lift buttons prove to be ineffective; it refuses to move, and the doors open and close apparently at random.

She can also be seen moving in and out of the lift, ‘hiding’ from someone outside it and chatting and gesturing with some seemingly ‘invisible entity’.

Right after the events of the video, Elisa apparently gained access to the rooftop of the hotel, climbed to its water tank and, somehow, ended up drowning in it.

The rooftop was alarmed, the tank was 8-foot-high, and she managed to close the heavy lid after herself, despite the fact workers had to cut it open with tools to remove her body.

Many paranormal investigators have claimed that this – along with the frightening footage – proves that Elisa’s death was caused by supernatural forces.

Read the full story here.

4. The true story of the Amityville hauntings

On 13th November 1974, Ronald DeFeo, Jr. shot and killed six members of his family at 112 Ocean Avenue, a large house situated in a suburban neighbourhood in Amityville.

He was arrested, found guilty, and jailed… and his house was put on the market.

Which meant that, in December 1975, George and Kathy Lutz and their three children moved into the Amityville home.

For the next 28 days, the family were terrorised by unseen forces.

Kathy had vivid nightmares about the murders and discovered the order in which they occurred and the rooms where they took place. The Lutz children also began sleeping on their stomachs, in the same way that the dead bodies in the DeFeo murders had been found.

Things grew steadily worse, with mysterious injuries being inflicted upon the females of the household, strange footprints appearing on the ground, and the discovery of a secret room which did not appear on the blueprints of the house.

Painted completely red, the room was dubbed The Red Room – and the family’s dog was terrified of it.

After deciding that something was wrong with their house, George and Kathy Lutz carried out a blessing on 8th January 1976.

According to reports, George held a silver crucifix while they both recited the Lord’s Prayer and, while in the living room, George allegedly heard a chorus of voices asking them “Will you stop?!”

They attempted a second blessing later that same month – and fled the next day, describing the events that occurred as “too frightening” to ever tell.

5. Unexplained ghost stories: the tale of Resurrection Mary

Hitchhiking is a very dangerous mode of transportation – both for the driver and for the hitchhiker.

But we suppose you have nothing to lose if you’re already dead.

On a stretch of road near Resurrection Cemetery in Justice, Illinois, an attractive blond-haired, blue-eyed young woman – all dressed in white – is often spotted with her thumb in the air, trying to wave down a car for a ride.

As she’s so very beautiful, plenty of men do pull over and let her hop in.

Each time, she asks to be taken to the cemetery.

And, each time, when they arrive at her final destination, she vanishes into thin air.

6. The exorcism of Roland Doe

In the late 1940s, priests of the Roman Catholic Church performed a series of exorcisms on a young German boy.

Roland Doe (so referred to in a bid to protect his identity) allegedly broke his restraints, pulled a spring out of his mattress, and used it to attack one of the priests during an exorcism which took place at Georgetown University Hospital.

According to reports, strange words appeared all over the boy’s body, his bed was alleged to shake during the encounter, and he spoke in a frightening, guttural voice.

After breaking the priest’s nose, Roland succumbed to the exorcism and went on to lead “a rather ordinary life”.

7. More real life ghosts: The ‘Skeleton’ at Hampton Court Palace

According to the HRP website, ‘skeletor’ is a ghostly figure that was caught on the palace’s CCTV cameras in 2003.

They explain: “On three consecutive days, palace security staff were called to close one particular fire door near the palace’s Introductory Exhibition.

“On the first day, CCTV footage showed the doors flying wide open with great force but there was nothing to reveal why.

“On the second day, the same thing happened but this time a ghostly-looking figure in period dress suddenly appeared on the screen and closed the doors.”

They add: “The doors opened again on the third day but there was no further sign of the ghostly doorkeeper.”

Real-life true ghost stories: 17 terrifying hauntings, exorcisms and unexplained murders

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