15 Scariest Urban Legends Ever – True Scary Stories

White Death

15 – The White Death,


  • A story from Scotland about a little girl who hated life – so much to the point that she wanted to destroy everything and everyone she knew
  • She committed suicide, and only a few days later each member of her family were murdered – their limbs torn apart
  • The legend goes that upon learning about the girl’s death, her ghost finds you and knocks on your door, slowly knocking louder and louder until you open it and she kills you

14 – Dead Dog,


  • The tale goes, a kid is sleeping in her bed when she hears the sound of tap water, so she heads over the faucet and tries to plug it up
  • When she returns to the bed, she lets her arm drape over the side to let her dog lick her fingers – which it does
  • The dripping continues, but not from the faucet – she checks her shower only to discover her dead dog, dripping blood, with a note on top that reads, “Humans can lick, too”

13 – Cow Head,


  • A Japanese legend about a story so haunted that simply telling it usually leads to death – one group of students were taken on a field trip, and on the bus the teacher decides to tell a scary story
  • As he begins the story called Cow Head, he gets more intense and involved – foaming at the mouth – the students yell for him to stop but he can’t
  • All of them were later found with the bus in a ditch, all foaming in a sort of trance – all of them had blocked out the Cow Head story and wouldn’t even discuss it afterwards, some even died a few days later

12 – Cosmetic Sesame,


  • A South Korea story about a girl super conscious of her own looks – she heard about a new beauty treatment involving soaking alongside sesame seeds in bath water
  • She decided to give it a go in her own bath, but several hours later her mother got worried and forced open the door when her daughter refused to
  • She was horrified to find the girl crouched in a corner of the room with seeds lining every wrinkle and pore in her body, roots visibly growing insider her skin while she attempted to painfully remove them all with a toothpick

11 – Girl From The Gap,


  • The spirit of a Japanese girl who lives between the darkened gaps of furniture, doors and drawers waiting for you to meet her gaze
  • She will then ask you to play hide and seek, and the next time you meet her, she will pull you into the gap and drag you to either Hell or an entirely new dimension

10 – Midnight Game,


  • A game for kids like Bloody Mary, but with rules far more convoluted and terrifying – before midnight you write your name on paper and dot it with your own blood
  • Turn off all your lights, place the paper in front of a closed door, put a candle on top of THAT and light it – then knock on the door 22 times with the 22nd knock at exactly midnight
  • Then open the door, blow out the candle and close it again – relight the candle and the game begins
  • The Midnight Man will wander through your home – if he catches you, you will die – the game ends at 3:33am but the Midnight Man may not actually leave after the game ends

9 – Choking Doberman,

Doberman Pinscher growling -  horizontal 413045

  • An Australian legend about a couple who came home one night only to find their dog choking on something – the man panicked and actually fainted while the woman races off the vet to get her dog seen to
  • She returns home to check on her husband when the phone rings – she picks it up only to find the vet hysterical saying she needs to get out of the house
  • As she and her husband run downstairs, a policeman passes them claiming the dog was choking on a man’s finger – that the intruder might still be in their home
  • And sure enough, they found a burglar unconscious in the bedroom

8 – Noppera-bō,

noppera - bo

  • A Japanese creature that likes to frighten humans – it will appear in your life as an ordinary human being, usually impersonating someone close to you
  • As you let down your guard around the creature, it quickly drops its facade, causing its face to disappear, leaving a blank, smooth sheet of skin where its face should be
  • This creature was the original inspiration for the monster we know today as Slender Man

15 Scariest Urban Legends Ever – True Scary Stories

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