10 Scary Stories Of Alleged Alien Encounters


One night, Betty and Barney Hill were driving home from their vacation in Canada. They saw what they first assumed was a shooting star, until it moved upward. The two of them got out of the car, curiosity overtaking their sense of reason for a moment. While they were looking at the UFO, it suddenly veered right at them.

Naturally, the two rushed back to their car and took off, but this wasn’t the end of their experience—they claimed to have lost two hours they cannot account for. They recalled “repressed memories” of an abduction while they were hypnotized, and both claimed that their watches stopped after the incident.

9 Russian Politician Abducted


Recently, Russian politician Kirsan Llyumzhinov claimed he was abducted in the ’90s by aliens wearing yellow spacesuits. He was allegedly taken aboard a long, transparent spaceship and was unable to understand the aliens’ speech. Despite this, they had some sort of exchange of ideas: more of a mutual understanding than actual communication, it would seem.

10 Scary Stories Of Alleged Alien Encounters

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