10 Creepy Horror Movies Inspired by True Stories


Whether you’re looking for ghouls, ghosts, or gore, there’s probably a horror movie to fit your tastes. But the scariest movies are always those that seem like they could happen. The Blair Witch Projectand Paranormal Activity were all the more terrifying because the found footage-style filmmaking made them seem real. In fact, the Paranormal Activity series has been so successful that the sixth installment, Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension, will hit theaters at the end of October.

While the found footage horror movies can make it feel like the on-screen events really happened, there’s a whole genre of scary movies that claim to actually be real. Unlike the found footage films, these “based on a true story” movies supposedly use real experiences as the inspiration, making the events of the film all the more terrifying. So with Halloween around the corner, here are 10 Creepy Horror Films Inspired by a True Story to help you ring in the scary movie season.

10 Creepy Horror Movies Inspired by True Stories

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